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Also I cant believe it has taken me this long to get into Star Trek. I’m on season one and IM FANGIRLING SOOOO HARD!!!

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JUSTIN IS BACK!!!He was doing SERE for the airforce so we didnt get to talk for a while and HE JUST TEXTED ME :3

despite my confusion,i did miss him and he’s always on my mind. I’m very confused but happy!!

And work rocked today!!I got to hang with some people I havent worked with yet and i’m starting to feel like I’m close with everyone there!I got complimented by the managers today too!!


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  • Me: gets nervous a year before a planned event

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So after having a horrible night last night, I went to work this morning and was actually complimented by several people. One of those people was my cool lead Doug, he gave me a 10 dollar gift card because a customer came back and told him about how good of an employee I was. It really made my day because I was feeling worthless but then when I go to work, it seems like everyone enjoys working with me including my managers :)

Im bored now and feel self conscious but better than earlier

Also, my fellow workers are excited to work with me on the weekends :)

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